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For All Skin Types: What is Moringa? The super plant Moringa, known popularly as drumstick tree is native to India and Africa, being widespr..
Rs. 235.00
Propolis, Part Of R.K's Aroma’s Diverse range of Products, is a resin collected by bees from plants and flower buds, to help in the assembly and seal ..
Rs. 125.00
Therapeutic Properties- Ylang Ylang oil contains properties that will disinfect wounds, prohibit microbial growth, and protect you from bacterial..
Rs. 350.00
A luxurious blend of essential oils, handcrafted to enhance the growth and development of breasts, while keeping them firm...
Rs. 350.00
For All Skin Types: Rose is a true classic in the history of personal care. R.K’s Rose Cream captures the strength and softness of the flower to ..
Rs. 360.00
For Dry, Mature Skin: Apple seed enzyme along with chamomile, lavender and neroli oils, makes this lotion a miracle agent for mature skin. It works ra..
Rs. 330.00
Therapeutic Properties- Lavender oil works best for muscular aches, rheumatism, and sprains because of its analgesic property. Lavender oil helps with..
Rs. 150.00
For All Skin Types: The ancient Egyptians referred to Aloe Vera as the 'plant of immortality', and indeed, R.K’s Aroma’s Aloe Vera Gel is miracul..
Rs. 180.00
It’s your time to shine like a star! The Golden Glow Oil enhances complexion, reduces dullness, clears up the congested skin and give you a healthy gl..
Rs. 350.00
This is a unique and 100% natural and Ayurvedic serum that cleanses, moisturises and illuminates the skin. Kumkumadhi oil is a blend of pure saffron e..
Rs. 500.00
For All Skin Types: R.K’s Aroma’s Exfoliating Scrub with antiseptic and catalytic properties contains natural essential oils and apricot granules..
Rs. 140.00
FOR ALL SKIN TYPESThe perfect recipe for a dazzling, radiant complexion R.K’s 24K Gold Face Kit gets rid of pollutants, removes residual debris and ma..
Rs. 160.00