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Aromatherapy and Astrology can both be a path to the ancient spiritual sciences. In the vedic system of astrology, certain herbs are connected to planets and are use to balance their influences. In this way, R.K's Aroma shop has co-related essential oils with astrology to trat physical, mental and spiritual disorders.

Essential oils used externally on the fingers or down the throat (heart chakra) can be beneficial. According to the Vedic system, the fingers of the hand correspond to the five elements.

The little finger is considered as a EARTH
The ring finger as a WATER
The middle as a AIR 
The index finger as a ETHER 
and the thumb as a FIRE (Agni)

 The Planets ruling this finger are :

Mercury [EARTH]
Moon [WATER] 
Saturn [AIR] 
Jupiter [ETHER]

No specific planet rules the thumb. By wearing essential oils related to the respective elements or planets, on the appropriate finger, one can strengthen their influences. Based on the ancient medical and astrological systems, R.K's has brought together essential oils in a gift pack, according to thier traditional relationship to the planets or elements associated with zodiac signs.


  • For Bathing : 
    Add 5-8 Drops in total of any Essential oil to a full bath or a shower.
  • For Vaporizing : 
    Add 8-12 Drops in total of any essential oil on the top of your R.K's Aroma shop vaporiser. Light the candle in the base of the unit.
  • For Massage : 
    Add 3-5 Drops in total of any Essential oil to 10 ml of R.K's carrier or vegetable oil and gently massage.


  • Not for oral use
  • For the use of Adults only.
  • Use only as directed or as advised.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store below 30 C.

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