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Vetiver (Khus) Essential Oil (Vetiveria Zizanoides)

Vetiver (Khus) Essential Oil (Vetiveria Zizanoides)
Vetiver (Khus) Essential Oil (Vetiveria Zizanoides)
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  • Botanical Name– Vetiveria zizanoides
  • Origin– India
  • Part of Plant Used– Roots
  • Method of Extraction– Steam Distillation
  • Colour– Dark brown colored liquid 
  • Aroma– Sweet, deep smoky, earthy woody odor, and sweet undertone
  • How to Use– Diffuse, bath and massage
  • Caution– Vetiver is an essential oil and as such should not be applied directly, undiluted on the skin or ingested. It should not be taken by pregnant women.

Therapeutic Properties- The soothing and cooling effects of Vetiver essential oil calm and pacify all sorts of inflammation. It is found to be an appropriate treatment for inflammation caused by sunstroke, dehydration, and loo, which is the name given to very hot and dry winds prevalent during summer. It prevents bacterial infections. It has an aphrodisiac effect.

  • Skincare- Vetiver oil has an excellent anti-aging property and hence helpful for the treatment of stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, cracked heels and other skin problems like acne and pimples. It promotes healthy and glowing skin.
  • Haircare- Vetiver oil helps to control dandruff and head lice problems. It is also good for healthy hair growth promotion.
  • Emotional- Vetiver oil gives relief from emotional stress, panic attacks, trauma, insomnia, and depression. 
Add - 20/25 drops in a 50ml carrier oil.
Add - 8/10 drops in a bath.
Add - 8/10 drops on tissue or in a vaporizer


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