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Model: fenugreek onion hair oil
As a tradition that has been passed down through generations, hair oil head massages are rooted in ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. R.K’s Aroma Fenugreek Black Onion Seed Hair Oil is formulated using premium botanical oils that prevent dryness, control frizzy hair bestowing it with a healthy sh..
Model: belly drop
Belly drop is a blend of 100% natural essential oils specially crafted keeping in mind the principles of Traditional Ancient Ayurveda.Belly Drop is a fusion of Cumin Seed & Turmeric which helps balance the mood and provides relief from general discomfort...
Model: Serum
Fountain of Youth is an ancient blend of natural essential oils especially crafted to restore younger-looking, glowing skin that defies your true age.This mystical essential oil blend made using the finest Indian Spikenard and German Chamomile contains antioxidants that actively fight the signs ..
Brand: R K Aroma Model: Kumkumadi Talim Serum
Used over centuries, Kumkumadi Tailam (oil) is renowned for its magical ability to add a radiant glow to your skin. R.K’s Aroma Kumkumadi Tailam is prepared using traditional methods prescribed by ancient Ayurvedic texts (Vedas).28 herbs blended with 100% pure essential oils make this beauty..
Model: Essential oil
Throb is an all-natural therapeutic blend of 100% natural essentials oils based on traditional Indian wisdom designed to soothe and comfort.Peppermint and carom seeds (ajwain) come together in this oil, specially crafted to relieve tightness, leaving behind a soothing, cooling & refreshing sensa..
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