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Summer Essential Oils

Essential Oils for this Summers!!!

Hello Folks! As the summer is approaching and after hitting the highest levels of the year so far, temperatures are expected to soar even higher in the coming days as a dangerous heat wave holds firm. Stagnant conditions contributing to the high heat will also result in dangerously poor air quality conditions.

Hence, it will be important for residents to take extra care in the heat which includes drinking plenty of water, spending time in the shade and wearing light clothing. Another thing that can come to your rescue is essential oils.

There are many ways to work essential oils for your summer routine. You can very well adopt them as your primary need for cooling off your body, calming down your senses, soothing the skin rashes due to overheat exposure. Essential oils can help you bring down all the stress built up in your body so that you can enjoy a better vacation getaway.

Here are 9 Indian origin essential oils that you can look upon this summer:

Dear Friends hope you all have a wonderful stress free summer getaways
and protect yourself from the summer heat!!!

Caution: Do not apply the above essential oils undiluted on the skin. Keep away from children and eyes.

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