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Moringa Gel

Moringa Gel
Moringa Gel
Moringa Gel
Moringa Gel
Moringa Gel
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  • Promises youthful and radiant skin.
  • Lightens, brightens and softens skin.
  • Hydrating and anti-pollution gel.
  • Helps minimize pore size, tones and tightens skin.

For All Skin Types:
If there were such a thing as a miraculous youth elixir, it would be Moringa. The world's most renowned anti-ageing super tree works magic when applied to the skin. R.K’s Aroma Moringa Face Gel moisturizes and primes skin, leaving it feeling velvety and hydrated. Its anti-pollutant qualities clean from deep within the pores, keeping acne, at bay and encouraging the growth of new skin cells. It reduces pore size, toning the skin; making it tighter, and leaving you feeling refreshed.

Argan oil, petitgrain oil, bergamot oil, moringa oil, rosemary oil, neroli oil and grapefruit oil, enriched with vitamins that act as natural preservatives.

Apply all over face and neck, massaging gently till skin has absorbed, carefully avoiding the eyes. Gentle enough to be used twice a day.


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