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Pine Essential Oil (Pinus longifolia)

Pine Essential Oil (Pinus longifolia)
Pine Essential Oil (Pinus longifolia)
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  • Botanical Name– Pinus longifolia
  • Origin– Majorly Found In USA, Europe, Russia 
  • Part Of Plant Used– Needles
  • Method Of Extraction– Steam Distillation
  • Aroma And Colour– Pine Oil Is A Colorless To Pale Yellow Colored Liquid With A Strong, Green, Fresh, Forest-Evergreen, Dry-Balsamic, Terpenic Odor.
  • Therapeutic Indication– Analgesic, Antirheumatic, Anti-Inflammatory, Bactericidal, Expectorant, Insecticidal, Stimulant.
  • Principal Constituents– Caryophyllene, Thunbergol, 3-Carene, Cembrene, Α-Thujene, And Terpinolene, And Α-Pinene And B-Pinene.
  • How To Use– Diffuse, Bath And Massage
  • Caution– Pine Is An Essential Oil And As Such Should Not Be Applied Directly, Undiluted On The Skin Or Ingested. It Should Not Be Taken By Pregnant Women.

Therapeutic Properties- Pine oil has very good anti-inflammatory properties hence useful for skin infections. It is mainly used as an analgesic. Pine oil is considered good for nasal decongestion, cough and the common cold both anti-septic as well as anti-fungal properties.

  • Skincare- Pine oil is useful for acne and pimples due to its anti-inflammatory gives you a balanced, smooth, renewed and shiny skin. It helps to reduce the effect of free radicals on the skin due to its excellent anti-oxidant properties. Free radicals attack healthy skin cells and cause them to mutate, resulting in premature aging, wrinkles, and sagging skin.
  • Haircare- Pine oil is helpful for removing head lice. It is a very good remedy for hair growth, hair fall, and dandruff.
  • Emotional- Pine essential oil gives relief from stress, headaches, depression, and anxiety. 
Add - 20/25 drops in a 50ml carrier oil.
Add - 8/10 drops in a bath.
Add - 8/10 drops on tissue or in a vaporizer

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