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Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus Bergamia)

Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus Bergamia)
Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus Bergamia)
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  • Botanical Name– Citrus Bergamia
  • Origin– Native To Tropical Asia, It Is Extensively Cultivated In Calabria In Southern Italy And Commercially Grown On Ivory Coast.
  • Part Of Plant Used– Peel Of Nearly Ripe Fruit.
  • Method Of Extraction– Cold Expression
  • Aroma And Colour– Bergamot Oil Is A Light Greenish Yellow Coloured Liquid With A Fresh Sweet-Fruity, Slightly Spicy Balsamic Undertone.
  • Therapeutic Indication– Deodorant, Vulnerary, Vermifuge, Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, And A Sedative, Anthelmintic, Antitoxic, Carminative, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Laxative, Analgesic, Parasiticide, Rubefacient, Tonic, Antidepressant, Disinfectant, Febrifuge, Cicatrisant, And Digestive Properties.
  • Principal Constituents– Linalyl Acetate (30-60%), Linalool (11-12%) And Other Alcohols, Sesquiterpenes, Terpenes, Alkanes And Furocoumarins (Including Bergapten, 0.3-0.39%)
  • How To Use– Diffuse, Bath And Massage 
  • Caution– Bergamot Is An Essential Oil And As Such Should Not Be Applied Directly, Undiluted On The Skin Or Ingested. It Should Not Be Taken By Pregnant Women.

Therapeutic Properties- Bergamot helps in preventing infections. It is very helpful in case of headaches, sprains, muscle aches or any other symptoms/ailments. Bergamot essential oil facilitates digestion. The refreshing aroma and disinfectant properties of bergamot oil inhibit the growth of germs causing body-odor. It helps in the reduction of fever and lowers body temperature by inducing perspiration. It relaxes nerves and muscles, thereby giving quick relief from cramps and painful muscle contractions. 

  • Skincare- Bergamot helps to heal scars and other marks on the skin. This essential oil is commonly used to eliminate the unsightly effects of acne. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after application since it is phototoxic in nature.
  • Haircare- Bergamot oil reduces itching and scalp infections. It is particularly useful for controlling dandruff complicated by secondary infections.
  • Emotional- By improving the circulation of the blood, they create a feeling of freshness, joy, and energy in cases of sadness and depression. It soothes the nerves and reduces nervous tension, anxiety, and stress. 
Add - 20/25 drops in a 50ml carrier oil.
Add - 8/10 drops in a bath.
Add - 8/10 drops on tissue or in a vaporizer

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