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Dry (Skin) Oil

Dry (Skin) Oil
Dry (Skin) Oil
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  • Moisturize and balance nutrient levels.
  • Reduce dryness and improve elasticity.
Dry Skin: Gone are the days when your skin felt like old parchment. Use this Dry Skin Oil to infuse moisture, balance the skin’s nutrient levels, reduce dryness and improve elasticity. Say hello to soft and supple skin!
Professional Use: Cleanse the face with R.K’s Aroma Cleanser, then use R.K’s Aroma Exfoliating Scrub. Apply oil and massage for 15-20 minutes, remove excessive oil with a tissue. Apply R.K’s Dry Mask for  5-10 minutes, wash off with water, then apply R.K’s Green Tea Moisturizer which also acts as a sunblock.
Home Use: 10-15 drops at a time. Spread it over the face, gently massage for 3-5 minutes twice a day.
Rosewood oil, Patchouli oil, Orange oil, Palma Rosa oil, Vetiver oil blended with Apricot oil, Wheat germ oil and Ashwagandha carrier oil.


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