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19 Jan 10 Effective Essentials Oils To Help Children With ADHD
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10 Effective Essentials Oils To Help Children With ADHDDoes your kid have an autism spectrum disorder or ADHD? It must be painful, and that never stopped you from trying out several treatments for helping your kid's needs. But have you ever tried Aro..
15 Dec Kumkumadi Facial Kit - An Affordable Natural Facial Kit For All Your Skin Issues
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Not all superheroes wear capes; similarly, not all essential oils like - Kumkumadi have the tag of being a note-worthy ingredient, although it's been used in every beauty care regimen for centuries. As people started eyeing natural skincare, Kumkumad..
05 Oct Essential Oils Related To The Nine Deities and Colors Of Navratri
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Diversity flourishes across India, and everything in it is different and unique. Whether it is the culture, food, language, architecture, clothing, etc., everything is diverse in other parts of the country. In the same way, worshipping the gods and g..
30 Sep Your Guide to Using Essential Oils Safely
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We can’t get enough of essential oils and their many benefits, can we? However, the versatile benefits of these botanical oils aren’t just limited to aromatherapy and skincare. They go way beyond that! When used correctly, they can add ounces of valu..
29 Sep How to Blend Essential Oils
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Not only an Ayurveda-era art but also a modern-day indulgence, blending essential oils was in yesterday and remains so even today!Frequently, it is observed that the use of one essential oil is enough, and the use of a blend of several essential oils..
19 Aug Repair Your Damaged Hair Naturally with R.k’s Aroma Fenugreek Black Onion Seed Hair Oil
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Nowadays, we can do so many fun things to our hair. We can pull it up into a messy bun, put it in adorable french braids, or command our hairstylist to give us vibrant pink and green hair colors. One day we can make our hair look sleek and smooth lik..
29 Jul 5 Effective Ways to Treat Dark Circles
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With long hours in front of the screen, late nights, poor diet, and stress, dark circles become inevitable. But, who says they are here to stay? All it takes is a little care for your skin and the use of natural resources to revive that baby-like tex..
29 Jul Natural Remedies for Those Menstrual Cramps
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Out of the many things that are out of our control, one of them is menstrual cramps. We all dread them but they still find a way to add to our monthly misery, don’t they? Now, you must have tried it all - from heat pads to painkillers, but you still ..
05 Jul Shankha Facial Massage   (Blog by Sowmya Cherukuri)
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Shankha Facial MassageWe all have been praising the benefits of body massages for centuries - to name a few, they relieve tension, improve circulation, increase flexibility, etc... Lately, however more and more skincare experts and therapists have be..
28 Jun 3 Ways to Add Life to Your Dry Monsoon Hair
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Our hair gets its own personality during rains, right? And, not a good one for sure. With all the Bollywood dancing under the natural showers and the fritter-feasting, we also get the stubborn frizz and the lifeless mane on our heads. Sadly, it is th..
24 Jun Self-care tips for the monsoon, it’s raining beauty problems!
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A holistic guide for the mind, body, and skin that deserves all the love.A fan of these seasonal showers or not, we bet you cannot resist its natural perks and beauty. The lush green landscapes, the soothing rain soil fragrance, and oh, the cosy even..
24 May Natural Ways to Bid the Summer Rash and Acne Goodbye
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As much as we love the morning sunshine, we absolutely despise the scorching summer heat, don’t we? Thanks to our air conditioners and cooling baths. The heat still seems all fine and manageable sometimes until, well, it starts to show up on our skin..
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