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Facial Kit

Brand: R K Aroma Model: 24K Gold Facial Kit
FOR ALL SKIN TYPESThe perfect recipe for a dazzling, radiant complexion R.K’s 24K Gold Face Kit gets rid of pollutants, removes residual debris and makes skin feel rich with vitality and health every time you use it. The power of natural tuberose and mogra flower oil does wonders for blood circulati..
Rs. 160
Brand: R K Aroma Model: Diamond Facial Kit
For All Skin Types: Perfect for the skin of all types and ages. R.K’s Aroma Diamond Kit visibly invigorates the complexion. Made with natural tuberose and violet leaf oil, this kit has superb skin tightening and smoothening properties, pleasantly reviving the skin, making it smooth and radiant throu..
Rs. 170
Model: Kumkumadi Facial Kit
Introducing you to R.K.'s Aroma's Magical Ayurveda Kumkumadi Facial Kit, The striking blend is hand-crushed and prepared traditionally from several ayurvedic herbs and 100% natural essential oils, offering a multi-step regime for beautiful blemish-free skin, Loaded with anti-inflammatory..
Rs. 280
Brand: R K Aroma Model: Manicure & Pedicure Kit
R.K’s Manicure and Pedicure kit rejuvenates tired hands and feet and nourishes dull nails. When used regularly, it restores elasticity and lustre to your hands & feet making them soft, supple and radiant. It also helps softens your cuticles and revitalizes your nails. The scrub cleanses and exfo..
Rs. 150
Brand: R K Aroma Model: Moringa Facial Kit
For All Skin Types: What is Moringa? The super plant Moringa, known popularly as drumstick tree is native to India and Africa, being widespread among the North and South of India. It belongs to the Moringaceae family, and derives its name from the Malayalam word, ‘Muringa’. The long, slend..
Rs. 235
Brand: R K Aroma Model: Pearl Facial Kit
For All Skin Types:R.K’s Pearl Kit balances the complexion of your skin, reducing dark spots, deep facial lines and the harmful effects left by the sun’s rays. With its toning and hydrating properties, it breathes new life into the texture and feel of skin. Expect to see a definite change in the tex..
Rs. 140
Brand: R K Aroma Model: Propolis Facial Kit
Propolis, Part Of R.K's Aroma’s Diverse range of Products, is a resin collected by bees from plants and flower buds, to help in the assembly and seal their hives. Only when scientists recognized the value of this miracle ingredient, did its therapeutic benefits become popularly known to help heal sc..
Rs. 125
Brand: R K Aroma Model: Skin Whitening Facial Kit
Skin Whitening Kit R.K’s skin whitening kit evens skin tone, offers protection from the sun’s UV rays and provides rich nourishment against everyday agents that dry out the skins natural moisture. It ensures your skin stays supple and beautiful through the day. Naturally formulated for a healthy an..
Rs. 155
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